Teamwork: What Is Behind Greatness

I wonder why stories always get focused on one
It’s easy to see the leader at the front
Even if that leader is guiding from the back
The story of one still forms
But what’s truly behind it all?
It’s Teamwork

We want to remember the legends
And of course with should
Extraordinary people can do extraordinary things
But rarely on their own
Behind the person are the people
Surrounding the greatest achievements
Is the greatness of many

So let’s learn about leadership, the vision to inspire others
We need those who can see the world differently
Create something new, bend the future path in a better direction
But let’s also learn about what it takes to join forces with others
Let’s recognize the incredible spirit that allows great teams to come together
Let’s also lift up to those gifts
Because what does great teamwork take?

The willingness to fit into the strengths and weaknesses of others

The choice to keep showing up
The decision to keep being accountable to the needs of many

The agreement that we may need to each give up some of our self interests
To give up on me first in order to reach the full height of we

Video by Tyler Waye

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