Computer Science + Digital Marketing + Analytics

Multicultural people manager with work experience in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and the US.
20+ years of experience in consulting and customer services.
Spanish, English and Portuguese spoken.

Web Analytics evangelist for Google in Latin America (2008-2013).
Regular columnist for various digital marketing outlets and post-grad professor at various universities in Mexico, Argentina and Spain.
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Career coach, long time Googler (since 2007) and more…

Portfolio of personal projects:

StopDiving (2018-2022)

It is far too common to see professional football (soccer) players diving and faking injuries in the hope they will gain advantage over their opponent. The negative impact dives produce goes far beyond affecting the results of a match. They send a message to young kids watching them all over the world, the message is clear: it’s Ok to succeed through deception.

StopDiving is an effort to restore honour and honesty in football. Raising awareness through measuring dives and their impact on matches, we will recognize honest players that succeed based on their strength and skills, instead of deception.

TEDx Speaker Coaching (2018)

Coaching for a published author in creating the script for her TEDx talk in Linz, Austria. With over 400,000 views one year after its publication in YouTube.

Digital Metrics Playbook (2015)

Digital media has proven to be very effective for direct response strategies. It has brought great benefits to eCommerce and lead generation business models, thanks to its efficiency and accountability. But there is also a limitless opportunity to use digital media to create and nurture relationships between brands and their customers. Unfortunately, branding impact is not easy to measure as direct response strategies.

The Digital Metrics Playbook introduces a measurement framework to help digital brand marketers understand their online brand exposure, and its impact on sales; and the online brand experience they create, and its impact on long term profitability.

Web Analytics Community (2010-2012)

Board Advisor at MMetrO, monthly digital marketing event in Mexico that strived to spread knowledge and expertise of Spanish speaking digital analytics thought leaders. Helped produce 15 events featuring 30 online marketing speakers from Spanish Speaking countries.

Extremo Vertical (2006)

A personal exploration of mountaineering, biking and other outdoor sports.

Featuring trips to volcanos in central Mexico, the ice field in Los Andes, Argentina and mountain biking through “El Camino de Santiago” in Spain.

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