The Diving Report (2022)

This report is a study of diving within professional football and the unfair impact it has on the sport. It is the first ever data-driven analysis of the phenomenon in the history of football.

Many people would deny an objective analysis is even possible, arguing that all judgements about diving are necessarily subjective and inherently fallible. But this report shows how science can be applied to the challenge of understanding diving behaviour in real life matches and tournaments.

We also set out to search for praiseworthy examples of honour and honesty within the game. Fortunately, we have been able to identify players reaching the highest levels of footballing success without diving. We shine a light on them in hope they will inspire a new generation to excel in both sport and life through their skills and strength rather than deception.

Digital Metrics Playbook (2015)

Brand marketers are still taking their first steps into the digital world by migrating their traditional mindset into the new communication channels they have at hand. Traditional branding, being strongly based on reach & frequency, is being copied to digital branding initiatives, thus ignoring the great opportunity digital media provides, as a two-way communication channel, to further engage with their audiences.

The book proposes a comprehensive measurement framework to help shape the mindset of the next generation of digital brand marketers and enable them to focus not only on brand exposure and its impact on sales, but also on the brand experience they can now create using digital media, and its impact on long term profitability.

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